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Jesus, the Greater Moses


Gutenberg BibleJesus closes Matthew 11 by drawing to a head the running theme of chapters 2 – 11: Jesus is the greater Moses. Moses stood alone among Old Testament figures in several respects. He enjoyed the most intimate relationship with God, revealed the most about God, wielded the most authority, brought the greatest deliverance, and was the meekest man on earth. (Num 12.3, 6-8; Deut 34.10-12.) But now Moses, in whose shadow all other Old Testament leaders lived, is himself seen to be in the shadow of someone greater. And this shadow is cast not out of the past, but out of the future. Moses, as great as he was, was but a foreshadow of Jesus, whose closing words in Matthew 11 trace all the unique features of Moses and show that He is even greater. Jesus has an even more intimate relationship with God. He reveals even more about God. He exercises even greater authority. He brings an even greater deliverance. And He is even meeker than Moses. (Mat 11.27-29.) Moses was a great servant in God’s house – indeed the greatest. But Jesus is the Son over God’s house, whose house we are. (Heb 3.5-6.)

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