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Overcoming objections on judgment


This is the 9th sermon on Evangelism, and it addresses the topic of Overcoming Objections Concerning Judgment.

“Why is there evil in the world?” “Why are Christians so intolerant?” If you’ve tried to talk to unbelievers about the Christian faith, you’ve probably encountered questions like these. And the effect is always the same – it puts you on the spot and on the defensive. Through 2000 years of Church history, it’s always been the same. And that’s why Peter told the first century Christians to “always be ready to give a defense to everyone who asks you a reason for the hope that is in you”. (1Pet 3.15-16.) The all time master at giving a defense was the Master, Jesus himself. And one of the things that stands out about how Jesus gave a defense is that he always got off the defensive. Jesus showed us for all time that when it comes to defending the faith, the best defense is a good offense. But that gives rise to another challenge. Peter says we have to respond to objecting unbelievers with “meekness and fear.” (1Pet 3.15.) How does one turn the tables, get off defense and go on offense meekly? Stated differently, how do you go on the offensive without being offensive? Once again, Jesus shows us the way. If you want to learn more, inquire within. I hope you enjoy the sermon. Thanks for listening. –Alan Burrow

Evangelism 9 – Overcoming Objections Concerning Judgment

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