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Best Little Golf Video


This is one of the best little golf videos you will see. If you aren’t into golf, enjoy the music. If you are into golf, enjoy the music and the swing, both of which are as  pure as you will find. This is the Geoff Jones (aka Slicefixer) golf swing. (The video says Sicefixer, but ignore that.  This is a golf video. Keep your eye on the ball!) The video was put together by one of Jones’ students featuring a couple more of Jones’ students. More about Geoff Jones down the road.  Meanwhile, enjoy and learn. This is the way we will swing in heaven. That’s right rapturalists — heaven will be more material, not less, as C.S. Lewis so aptly argued. Book your tee times now!


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  1. Well, if I even LIKE golf in the resurrection, then it’ll truly be a new heavens and a new earth. But the swings do look pretty rad…and Chopin is always brilliant. 🙂

  2. Big WHOOP! That’s easy stuff! Try all that with the arms moving in opposite directions and the body corkscrewing just so, tossing the ball to the proper height, to hit that perfect tennis serve 🙂

  3. I enjoyed this golf video too:

  4. Ya but you can be at the top of your game at golf and still die from heart disease. For instance, can you consider John Daly an athlete? Golf is more like a skill such as bowling, darts; maybe even chess. Not so with tennis. Compare even the best golfer, Tiger Woods to Roger Federer. Who’s the better athlete?

  5. Jill, I tried what you said on the golf course and hit my best drive ever!

  6. Rudy Chinchilla says:

    Great video…very few golfers would understand this swing,it requires knowledge and some years of experience. I do, and that is the way I swing with a Hogans touch for power by the fire of the right side, and works beautiful. It didn’t come easy,lots of balls at the driving range, wasted tons of money with stupid golf instructors, and learned at home by myself in front of a mirror by trail & error, imitating Ben Hogans swing and watching Dan Whittaker and Ayres Martinez and Bradley Hughes videos. That was all I needed, and a couple of great tips I got from other instructors, and you don’t hear anybody talking about it.Thanks a lot for this video, no swing is better out there.

  7. Steve Rhodes says:

    Thanks for the great post! For a golfer seeking the truth, it brings heaven to earth.

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